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Store, compute, repeat

Store, compute, repeat

Compute Engine (CE) provides virtual machines running in Google's data centres and fibre network. CE is powerful – one MIT professor used VMs to perform 300 core-years of compute time for just $20,000. Read the MIT story.

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Perform cutting-edge analysis lighting fast

Perform cutting-edge analysis lighting fast

BigQuery is a fast, economical and fully managed enterprise data warehouse for large-scale data analytics. BigQuery can scan TB in seconds and PB in minutes. Since BigQuery is serverless, there is no infrastructure to manage. Read how Northeastern uses GCP to power the Zika Modelling Project.

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Scale to infinity, collaborate with ease

Scale to infinity, collaborate with ease

GCP allows researchers to scale their work and collaborate across institutions with ease. Whether you are working with one genome or one million, you’ll have access to the power and flexibility you need to advance your research. Learn about the research of Autism Speaks.

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